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2018-2019 Trout River Report Cards

Assessment of trout population in New South Wales


This is the first series of reports cards on NSW trout fishery monitoring streams.

Each report card provides an overview of key fishery indicators for each region, highlighting areas that performed the best and those that require improvements.

Using the report cards

Use these report cards in conjunction with the NSW fish stocking website to be informed on how the fishery is tracking in your area or an area you plan the fish.
As a combination it is hoped they will give you a good chance on landing some fish on your next trout fishing adventure!
Trout Monitoring Sites:
Trout Monitoring Sites:
Trout Monitoring Sites:


NSW trout stream monitoring have commenced again in spring 2019.

If you require any further information on the trout monitoring results for 2018, please refer to the Freshwater recreational fishing report cards.
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